3 Ways to Report Potholes in Spring Hill

Rebounding from harsh winter weather, Spring Hill Public Works is busy this week repairing potholes that continue to surface throughout city streets.

City crews are working from a master list to effectively address known potholes, but they can always use the publics’ help spotting them.

Residents wishing to report potholes on Spring Hill roadways have three easy options:

1. Email Public Works Director Jeff Foster at jfoster@springhilltn.org

2. Call the Public Works Department at (931) 486-1265

3. Visit our website, springhilltn.org. Click “Let Us Know” on the home page, and choose “Report a Pothole.”

For potholes on state roadways – including U.S. 31, State Route 247 (Beechcroft/Duplex Road), State Route 396 (Saturn Parkway), and I-65 – please visit tdot.state.tn.us/pothole-schedule.htm to report them to the Tennessee Department of Transportation and to view a TDOT pothole repair schedule for your region.

Outside of local government facilities, potholes in parking lots are the responsibility of each respective private property owner.

How potholes form: When water seeps through cracks in the roadway, it softens the road base, freezes underneath, and then expands and forces up the road surface. When temperatures rise and the ice thaws, it leaves a hole under the expanded segment of pavement. The weight of passing vehicles collapses the road surface into the hole. Repeated wear from traffic quickly expands the hole.