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Are you a creature of habit when it comes to your workout? Changing up our workout is key when it comes to making our workouts effective and seeing results. It’s easy to get into the routine of doing the same workout all the time. We have listed some reasons below as to why adding a variety of exercises will give you better results, overall, and how working out at Studio Novo can help you keep your body guessing what’s next!

1. Avoid hitting a plateau with our workouts– incorporating a variety of exercises to your workout regimen will prevent our bodies from being ineffective. For example, if you run the same route or trail every day at the same speed, your body will eventually hit a plateau. At Studio Novo, each class is different, with different exercises, in order to avoid hitting a plateau. You will always get a full body workout at a Studio Novo—hitting the lower body, upper body, center abs and obliques, but each routine incorporates different exercises to target the muscles in a different way. Constantly changing up the exercise and the sequence of the routine enables our bodies to work effectively in each class.

2. Beat Boring Workouts- Becoming bored with your workouts is one of the last things we want when it comes to seeing results! When we get bored with our workout routine, the likelihood of giving up on our fitness goals is much higher. Keep things exciting with your workouts to avoid this, and again, Studio Novo can help! Each workout routine at Studio Novo is different and the Novo coach will have you guessing what exercise is next, allowing the 50 minute class to fly by!

3. Keep your brain healthy with exercise variety– Exercises is crucial for keeping your brain active and helping to prevent memory loss. Constantly changing up exercises contributes to keeping the brain sharp and healthy! A class at Studio Novo will certainly keep you on your toes!

Studio Novo offers a full-body workout every class but each class is different, working the muscles differently in every class! Reasons why you should give a class a try.
Studio Novo offers a full-body workout at each class, hitting the lower body, upper body, center abs and obliques, but in each class you will experience  different exercise that target these muscles.

Your first class is always free at Studio Novo. Simply book your class online, arrive a few minutes early to receive instruction on the the megaformer and you will be on your way to one the best exercises in the country.

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