3 Ways to Improve Storage in Your Garage

garage storage

A nice garage can quickly become an unorganized mess. The simple, and seemingly innocent, act of storing a few things in the garage can quickly turn into a a room full of stuff you forgot you had. Whether you use your garage as a workshop or a storage space or simply a place to park your car and store odd items, having an organized garage is a must. And it’s really not as difficult as it sounds.  Here are three ways you can improve storage in your garage.





1. Cabinets

The first step in organizing your garage is to get cabinets, so you have a place to put all your things. MILES The Auto Spa in Franklin can help you pick out the ideal cabinets for your space. Here’s a glimpse at a few options from Bald Head Cabinets that will keep your garage clutter free.

Upper Cabinets: utilize all the space in your garage with upper cabinets.

Tall Storage Lockers– Available in several heights, widths and depths, these cabinets may be the MVP of the garage—reliable and versatile. Optional accessories include clothing rods, pull-out shelves, ski mounts and even cedar lining.

Pull-out Fastener Cabinet– A place for everything and everything in its place, right? These fastener cabinets are complete with plastic organizer bins.

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