3 Updates on Possible Spring Hill Developments

Updates on three Spring Hill developments were discussed at a recent Spring Hill Planning Commission meeting.

1. Annexation at Cleburne Road

cleburn road annexation request

Crunk Engineering is requesting the annexation of the property located west of Cleburne Rd and south of Harvest Point. There is currently one single family home on this property. If the annexation passes, this property will be designated as an Agricultural area. There is also talk of converting this property into a mixed-use neighborhood in the future. The staff recommended that this item be sent for voting at the next Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting.

2. Tennessee Children’s Home Mixed Use Redevelopment

tn childrens home property

Many concerned citizens spoke to the redevelopment of the Tennessee Children’s Home. This item would turn the current assisted living facilities into possible condos in the future. Many citizens disagree with this goal due to concerns conserving the history of the property. The concept plan consists of 132 single family lots, 108 townhomes, 40 residential cottages, 315 multi-family apartments, and 100 assisted living facilities. The proposed redevelopment would also bring retail and restaurant opportunities. The applicant has submitted a master plan for the design of the development, which can be seen below.

The staff finds the request “reasonable.” However whether or not this development is completed will depend on the vote from the Board of Mayor and Alderman. If more citizens come forward with requests to deny this design, the development may be halted.

3. New Lot at The Crossings

rendering of potential crossings development spring hill
Proposed Development at The Crossings

There is a proposal for a new site concept plan for an area in the Crossings next to the Panera Bread and Cracker Barrell. The building is proposed to have a drive-thru window, suggesting restaurant space. There are also plans for other retail spaces as shown in the new concept design below.

This item has already been brought to the planning commission’s desk in the past few months, but the updated designs are pushing this project closer to a vote by the BOMA board.