3 Tips to Avoid the Holiday “10”

As the holidays are approaching, do you have a plan in place to avoid that dreaded “holiday 10”? It’s all about thinking ahead and having a game plan ready! Throughout the holiday season, we are all tempted with yummy food and sweet treats, and we aren’t saying that you can’t enjoy the season’s delicacies, but having a plan in place ahead of time will help us to avoid packing on those holiday pounds!

1. Commit to working out this holiday season! Make a point to move every day!! Going for a jog a few times a week and/or walking those extra steps will help to keep the pounds off, but also adding in a few strength/resistance training workouts per week will really help to keep you on track this holiday season. When doing a strength training workout, you will burn calories during the workout, but you will also burn calories all day after the workout as well. Win/win, right? Hold yourself accountable to workout 5-6 days per week- be selfish with that workout and consider it “your time” of the day!

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2. Recognize and pay attention to your stress levels. During the holiday season, most of us experience an increased level of stress as we are worrying about getting the gifts, hosting parties, attending parties, traveling, having guests stay with us, etc. There are lots of factors that come into play during the holiday season that can increase our stress levels and instead of eating our way through the holiday season, have a plan for coping with the stress! Go for a jog or find a way to decompress without turning to food.

3. Enjoy the season! It’s a beautiful time of the year, surrounded by family and friends. Enjoy it and be present this season! Love yourself and try not to be too hard on yourself.

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