3 Things You Shouldn’t Buy at Publix


It’s often divided on which grocery store is your favorite go-to. Publix is a southern-based company in Florida, and we know many of you make weekly, if not daily, trips to Publix. Southern Living shared a few things you should buy at the southern store like rotisserie chicken, produce and international goods. But here are the three things SL says you shouldn’t buy at Publix.

Birthday Cake – Admittedly, the magazine says this recommendation could be divisive but instead they offer that a homemade cake is so much better. See the recipes they recommend here.

Overpriced Brands – Skip the name brands and choose Publix brand instead. Southern Living recommends purchasing Publix deli meats, paper towels, soft drinks, and any house brand item.

It’s a No-Go if it’s Not BOGO  – Don’t spend money you don’t have to spend. The Publix buy-one-get-one-free sales each week rotate. If you need an item, be patient and wait for the sale. Remember you don’t have to buy two items, you can purchase only one which will ring up as half price.


  1. You do actually have to buy 2 to get the deal. But if it’s 10 for $10 or something to that affect, you funny have to get all 10! Don’t want people to get disappointed!

    • Not at my Publix. If you buy one it is half off. I suppose this varies by location.

      Secondly I wouldn’t suggest Publix brand cold cuts. It goes bad too fast imo. Boars Head is better but insanly expensive. I would suggest Land of Frost cold cuts. But it’s like $5.49/lb at my Publix and $3.99/lb at Walmart–the exact same product.

  2. Whoever wrote this does not know Publix. Bakery cakes, especially the butter cream icing are hands down the best, and always raved about. No one does that over some little home made cake at a birthday party of more than 4 people. Also, while several items run BOGO, most never do. If you miss a BOGO item, it will return.
    Many brands never go that cheap. And of you’ve ever gone to Florida, you’ll know that in that single state, you MUST buy 2 to get the deal.

  3. Being born and raised in Florida, home of Publix,and waited 10 years for the first one in this area,not using the bakery to buy Birthday cakes might just be about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Publix bakery items are always a cut above and wonderfully done! Southern Living magazine thinks everyone still has a domestic in the kitchen turning goodies very evening for the Mr and Mrs. Nope I am going to publix! And, Bless your heart.

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