3 Things to Know About Ivybrook Academy’s Coming Location

Ivybrook Academy
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Are you living in or around Franklin, Tennessee, and looking to send your preschooler to a leading half-day progressive preschool? Visit Ivybrook Academy, a popular education franchise that has won numerous awards for providing exceptional education to preschool-age children. Ivybrook Academy has also been voted the nations best Montessori and Reggio Emilia Program.Founded by a former public school teacher, Ivy Brook Academy has multiple franchise and campuses with a new one opening right here in Franklin.

Learn more below about Ivybrook Academy’s newest preschool in Tennessee – set to open in early 2020.

1. Curriculum
Parents prefer Ivybrook Academy because their education services position young children for success in formal academic careers. Educators affiliated with Ivybrook must possess four-year education degrees, and they must also know how to teach a multifaceted curriculum that balances collaborative learning with individual learning. If you want your child to explore, develop, and communicate with children of a similar age, Ivybrook is the half-day preschool you need!

2. Methods
A first-rate curriculum is only one aspect of a leading preschool. In order for an institution to truly be the best preschool, it must value, develop, and practice effective methods for teaching and encouraging young minds. Ivybrook Academy educators are expected to foster the ideal learning environment, in which students are able to explore and problem-solve as they wish. Educators are also provided the proper tools and support so day-to-day operations run smoothly. Ivybrook Academy’s Franklin campus will have all the elements your child will need to succeed in this early stage of life!

3. Development
Ivybrook educators are experienced and knowledgeable, but they’re also flexible, active learners who never cease perfecting their methods. If a child is struggling with a concept or experience, Ivybrook educators help guide and direct through customized approaches to learning. If a child is having a hard time adapting to the learning environment, an educator can accommodate her needs. Educators who know how to adapt are often great at starting children on the path to success!

What’s Coming to Franklin, TN, in Early 2020…
Ivybrook Academy is proud to announce that their award-winning franchise will be coming to the Franklin, Tennessee area in early 2020. Howard and Dawn Varnedoe, a couple that has been homeschooling for the last 15 years, will operate the new campus. Howard and Dawn share a passion for educating young children, and they enjoy helping little ones find excitement in everyday discoveries. If you’d like to speak with the Varnedoes to learn more, call (615) 933-6888.