4 Things to Know about Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

There has been a lot of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill news lately. So, we decided to break it down for you and give you the three things you need to know.

1. Tim and Faith could also be known as Sam and Audrey
Let us explain- Tim McGraw’s full name is Samuel Timothy but growing up he always went by Tim.  Audrey is also Faith’s first name but her family called her Faith.  The couple also named their youngest daughter – Audrey who will turn 15 this year. It was the use of the name  “Sam & Audrey” that caused quite a stir when a show on the Ryman schedule appeared last week. It wasn’t until Tim McGraw told Bobby Bones on the Bobby Bones show, that it was he and Faith that fans went crazy.  The show sold out in minutes.  It was the first time the couple had performed together at The Ryman.

2. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are celebrating 20 years of marriage
And they celebrated it at The Ryman with a concert where they performed songs fans love. Faith performed “This Kiss,” “It’s Your Love” and Tim sang “Humble and Kind” along with “Shotgun Rider.” The encore was “I Need You” where the couple sat knee to knee with just a microphone between them as Faith kept time on Tim’s leg.

3. The biggest announcement of all- Tim and Faith are hitting the road for a Soul 2 Soul tour
Their previous Soul 2 Soul tour was ten years ago. Just before their concert at The Ryman began, a video was shown sharing the news of the tour with the audience.  Tim and Faith are scheduled to perform at Bridgestone Arena on August 3rd.

Watch the video below.

In celebration of the announcement, the duo has partnered with Pandora to curate an exclusive mixtape featuring the songs they find inspiring. The mixtape features an eclectic group of songs by Bruce Springsteen, Jay-Z, Johnny Cash, Adele, U2, and more. Go to Pandora for the playlist. Tickets go on sale for the Soul 2 Soul tour Friday, October 7th.

4. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill just received their stars on the Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville
On Wednesday morning, Reba McEntire was on hand to present both Tim and Faith with their star. McEntire shared stories about each of them sharing that she didn’t realize that Faith had once worked at McDonald’s, which only lasted two weeks according to Faith. McEntire also shared a story about how Tim signed his record deal with Big Machine Label Group at a bus station.

See our pictures below from the Walk of Fame event.


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