3 Things to Know About CycleBar

If you follow us on Facebook, you might have seen our Facebook Live video from the soon-to-be open CycleBar in Franklin.

Can I  just say, at first I was a little skeptical because it’s indoor cycling.  And as someone who has tried pretty much every fitness genre out there, I thought how can this possibly be any different than other cycling classes. I was wrong and I’m here to tell you three things and possibly more that you need to know about CycleBar.

1. Easy Class Registration Means You Are Guaranteed a Bike

Does anyone remember the days of arriving early hoping to get a bike for a cycle class? CycleBar has 48 bikes in a stadium style classroom. You sign-up for class online, select your bike number and when you arrive for class, you check-in on an  iPad. No more wondering if you will have a bike available when you arrive to class.

2. CycleBar Provides Everything, Including Shoes

Just bring yourself to class. I know it sounds so simple but they have thought of everything. Each time you attend class, you will be supplied with shoes, water bottle and towels.  There is also a locker for you to stow your valuables that is also included in your ride. Here is the best part – after your ride, there are disposable individually wrapped lemon scented towels for you to use. And if you need a little refreshment, they have a bowl of fresh fruit available to recharge you.

3. Get Ready to Race

CycleBar brings out the competitive spirit in you. During class, they will have races in which a leader board appears. Your instructor will give you a timeframe to “race” other students in class, you can actually watch your name on the board rise to the top as you increase your RPMs.

By the time you reach your next destination whether that is home or work, you will receive an email with your personal stats from class including calories burned, average RPMs and where you ranked in the class. You will even receive a link to your instructor’s playlist to play on Spotify.

Are you ready to give CycleBar a try? They are offering free rides beginning on August 11th, follow this link to sign-up.

New riders packages start at 3 rides for $39 or 10 rides for $159. Visit the CycleBar website for more information on classes and purchasing packages. CycleBar is located at 9040 Carothers Parkway, Franklin.

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