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Lots of us are working from home right now. This may be the first time you’ve worked from home or a continuation of a work-from-home situation. Home offices are a great addition to any home because they provide a place of quiet so that you can complete tasks, read, or work 100% remotely. Whether you have a dedicated room to call your office or you want to create a nook where you can have a desk to call your own, Carpet One has a few ideas on how to design a space you love.

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1Choose Substantial Elements First 

Your home office doesn’t have to be boring; it can also have an upscale, elegant feel like the rest of your home. You can start by choosing a few core elements to set the tone of the space. Start with the flooring, wall color, or choose a desk – all primary pieces that will help you create a space you love to work in.

By choosing wood floors, a bright white wall color, and a modern, glass-topped desk, this office space brings together modern design that makes for a beautiful office space. This cozy office combines modern looks with inviting details. By adding raw elements like the organic wooden accent wall behind the open shelving and cabinets, the space feels warmer and more visually pleasing. All of the pieces work together in tandem to make this office one where focusing is easy! 

In this room with a large feature window and lots of light, the deep hardwood floors add character and liveliness to the room, which is painted a bright white. Together, the rich brown and white bring a dignified atmosphere to an otherwise modern, simplistic space. By adding a green, leafy plant in the corner, the room feels more like home.

The desk, like the flooring and wall color, adds a sense of poise and sophistication when added to this home office. The glass top makes the space feel larger, while the white cabinets against the natural wood wall help to engage more than one of your senses.

Carpet One McCalls Carpet One
Photo by Stephani Buchman

2Keep it Simple

No matter what type of work you’re planning on doing in your home office, keeping it simple is always an excellent way to ensure you have what’s necessary in your space. After all, a home office should provide you the items you need without becoming overly cluttered. By utilizing a desk, a chair, and some small storage solutions, you’ll be more likely to keep only the required items, helping you stay organized and stress-free in your home office.

As you can see in this simple space, there are only a few items on the desk, while art on the wall makes the office feel more personalized. The essential items in the office include a stapler, writing pad, computer, and desk – all items that can be used on a daily basis. Because the room takes on a more minimalistic approach to design, the level of productivity of the office is put at the forefront, rather than made an afterthought.

Another way this space keeps things simple is in its overall design. Neutral tones like light gray walls and a textured rug bounce light off of each other to make the space feel lively and uplifting. Because of the dark wood floors in the room, the lighter gray hues make the floors stand out, showing off their natural beauty.

Your walls don’t have to be empty to ensure that your home office is simple, however! You can add a few art pieces to spark joy. For example, the art on the wall behind this desk adds flair to the space, showing off the most loved sport and team in this home. It doesn’t take over the room; it adds a customized feel and love for all of the items in it.


Carpet One McCalls Carpet One
photo from Carpet One

3Make it a Multi-use Space 

To get the most out of your space, especially if you have a smaller home or fewer rooms, opt for a multi-use area that doubles as another room at different times. Being able to use one room in more than one way will help you prepare for both the times that you need your home office, as well as when you need an extra bedroom for loved ones.

In this simple, well-designed space, there is an opportunity to create not only a functioning office but also a library or a spare bedroom. Because the built-in cabinets take up little space against the wall, they can store a multitude of items, including books, supplies, and décor. For a library, these shelves would be the perfect storage solution for any size book.

By keeping the desk small and minimal in the room, it’s easy to move it when needs might change. Whether your family comes into town at the last minute, or you’re preparing for a visit, adding a bed would be quick and easy because there’s plenty of space in the room. By leaving just the right amount of space while keeping the room bright and hospitable at all times, you, too, can achieve a multi-functional spare bedroom and office space.

Whether you’ve been looking for ways to create an office space for years or you’re starting a new job, following these simple tips will surely give you an idea of where to start with your new home office. Remember, your home should always reflect a little piece of you and your unique design personality, while also offering you the practicality you need, no matter the size of the home!


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