3 Signs of an Amazing Bakery

If you spend your weekends binging The Great British Baking Show, then maybe you already know this. (But, then again, maybe you’re also the type who’s up for a good baking read anyway!) Not all bakeries are alike, right? The best bakers possess a range of finely tuned skills. But there’s more than just skill involved. If you want to find a first-rate bakery, then you have to ask yourself three things…

Are the Bakers Passionate About What They Do?

When it comes to baking, passion is incredibly important. And we’ve got it here at Papa C Pies. Take our cinnamon rolls, for example, one of our legacy recipes created by our owner Chad Collier’s grandmother. She loved to make this cinnamon roll recipe, and it’s our honor and passion to carry on this family tradition.

You can even get our Papa C Pies cinnamon rolls as part of our pie delivery service

Can They Accommodate Your Unique Requests?

Baked goods are especially yummy when they’re prepared just how you like them, and this is why most of our customers like to shop with us! If you want a southern-style pie delivery to go to someone you love as a gift for a holiday or special occasion, then you’ll need a pie delivery service that cares about making your pie presentation as special as it can be. That’s where we come in! Pies are delicious on their own, but we think they’re made even better when they’re presented in thoughtful, unique ways!

Can They Deliver on Promises Consistently?

The best bakeries and pie delivery services consistently deliver on their promises. We take pride in this. Our father-son bakery has been providing exceptional Tennessee baking services for years, and now we deliver their delicious pies and other baked products to all 50 states. Customers value consistency and integrity – just a couple of reasons why they value Papa C Pies.

Order Southern-Style Baked Goods Online

Looking for mouth-watering baked goods in Tennessee? Visit Papa C Pies! Our legacy cinnamon roll is one of our most popular items! We make these cinnamon rolls from scratch with simple ingredients along with an active yeast. These rolls are made with flour, yeast, sugar, vanilla, salt, and cinnamon, and they’re filled with brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter. Our made-in-house icing adorns these tasty rolls. (Some might even say it’s the best part!)

Papa C Pies cinnamon rolls are great with a cup of coffee, too. We’re proud to carry on the family tradition of providing delicious cinnamon rolls and baked goods to those who love them, in store and around the country!

Papa C Pies is located at:
99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, Brentwood (corner of Seaboard Lane and Bakers Bridge Avenue behind Costco)
Store hours:
Monday – Friday 10am to 6:30pm
Sat: 10am to 5pm

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