3 Secrets To Creating A Good Vibe In Your Office

by Amanda Gates
Gates Interior Design

When setting up an office, many small business owners are told to focus on their organization systems in order to build clientele and create profit – things like time management, customer service, and engagement. Getting rid of the clutter in your space and having a set system is definitely a sure way to success, but what about creating a vibe in your office that makes you more productive? Couldn’t we all use a little more inspiration in our lives?  We can actually use our office environment to help spark that next big idea. Here are three of my top tips to help you create an office with a great vibe, and ultimately help you make more money.

Amanda Gates1) Paint
Bottom line, color affects our mood. Depending on the type of work you do, the color you choose should compliment your field. If you are an attorney and accustomed to arguing and negotiating all day, certain colors like red are a major party foul. The best colors for any office for any field are: steel and light blues, soft pinks, various creams and soft greens. These colors can be used on their own or together, but when combining many colors I recommend hiring a professional to help you choose them correctly.

2) Lighting
Good and bad lighting affects our mood. Bad lighting can strain our eyes, make us agitated and ultimately throw us into a headache…not a great way to work or be productive! Layer your lighting and if possible install dimmers. Having complete control over how your office is lit will make a huge difference in how you work. The best way to light an office is to have overhead recessed cans, a chandelier, or both, in combination with two or three lamps.

Amanda Gates 23) Indulge in the little things
When it comes to your surroundings, the details matter. Think about how much time you spend in your office and the purpose of being in there. You are not there to surf the latest sale at Nordstroms. You are there to build your business and create a profit. In order to do that you need to invest and indulge in the little things. The best little things to create a great vibe are:

  • Flowers
  • Use vintage china and cloth napkins for snacks and meals
  • Candles
  • Art you love

Surround yourself with things that are decadent and make you feel special. When you take a little extra time to take care of yourself you’ll boost your energy and increase your bottom line.

Amanda Gates
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