3 Paid Parking Lots to Operate in Downtown Franklin

Three paid parking lots in downtown Franklin will soon be open. They will add nearly 170 more spaces to the often-packed parking situation there.

Park Happy, a Nashville-based parking lot management company will run the lots, which will start operating after they pass final city inspection.

The lots will be 100 spaces at Generations Church at 408 Church Street, 45 spaces behind Shuff’s Music at 118 3rd Ave. North and 23 spaces at Green Lot at 118 4th Ave. North, according to Kristy Williams of the Heritage Foundation.

The lots are privately owned, and this may just be the beginning. Other businesses with space could also work with Park Happy.

Rates will vary. Parking will cost between $2- $10, depending on the time of day and day of the week.

The lots come as the city of Franklin is conducting a parking study, which began in April.

“This study will help analyze and make positive recommendations for Historic Downtown Franklin,” Williams wrote.


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