3 Easy DIY Halloween Decor Ideas

halloween decor ideas

By Caroline Szujewski

Whether you’re young or old, everyone can appreciate the fun that comes with Halloween.

Kids are sure to swarm to your house while trick-or-treating, so be sure to give them a little scare with these 3 easy DIY halloween decor ideas. Now you can add to the holiday fun without breaking the bank.

eyeballs-treeEyeballs in a Tree – Simply purchase two 24″ white beach balls and color in the iris with a black sharpie. You can use something round, like a serving bowl, to ensure a perfect circular shape. Then, use some twine to attach the two beach balls into the tree next to each other. Image and idea courtesy of The Princess & The Frog.

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ghosts-hangingIlluminated Ghost Garland – This decoration works for both day and nighttime, perfect for your early and late trick-or-treaters. All you need is: Strand of White Lantern Lights, 2 Yards White Cotton Fabric, White String, Black Sharpie

Cut 10″ squares from the fabric, fold each one into a triangle and cut off the tip of the triangle. Then remove the lanters from each light and thread the light through the hole in the fabric. Put the lantern back on the light and wrap the fabric around the lantern, securring the bottom with a piece of string. Draw on eyes and a mouth. Repeat this for all lanters. Image and idea courtesy of Design Dining Diapers.

glass jars halloweenGlass Jar Lights – Find some old glass jars lying around in your house or head to your local Goodwill to find some. Apply acrylic paint with a sea sponge to your jar and wait for it to dry. Once dry, use paint, sharpies, or paper to add whatever decorations you’d like.

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