3 DIY Outdoor Living Trends

Great landscaping and outdoor space can add curb appeal to your home, make it more marketable (if you’re selling), create beautiful space for entertaining or hanging out with the family and transform a sterile house into a comforting home.

If you’re an avid DIY-er, check out these 3 DIY outdoor living trends:

1Small Gardens

“Less is more” has become a gardening motto as of late. Small gardens with vibrant, native plants in a variety of containers can be a much more sustainable project than large, over-the-top gardens. Add some seating and a table or two and you can easily create a private space to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or a place to gather with a friend.

The 2018 color of the year is ultra-violet, try adding purple tones to your garden like irises, petunias, and scented lavenders or even small plantings with verbenas, violets, clematis, and other purple flowers and foliage.

2Fun & Functional

Outdoor living has been steadily growing with yards that are designed to be fun and functional. You can create a quiet space for yoga practice or something for the whole family like a bocce ball court or life-size chess board.

Using a combination of pavers and outdoor paint, you can do just about anything you want.

3Relaxing, Outdoor “Rooms”

Outdoor kitchens and firepits have been trending for a long time as relaxing spaces for entertainment, but more recently outdoor lounging “rooms” have been growing in popularity. The great thing about these spaces is that they often take little work and relatively little expense. Combine a little unique flooring, lighting, and furniture that’s set apart from your dining and entertainment spaces, and you have your own relaxed spa-like oasis in your back yard.

You can go as simple or elegant as you want by combining some of these common elements:

  • Overhead pergolas
  • Soft floor seating or multipurpose lounging like daybeds and sunken lounges
  • LED light strings both hanging and in-ground for well-lit, relaxing mood lighting
  • Well-placed curtains and/or drapery
  • Unique accent walls

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