3 Benefits to Renting a Lawn Mower Versus Buying

So you need a lawn mower for your yard and you’re trying to decide what to get. This isn’t the only question that you should consider as you’re looking at lawn mowers; you should also think about if buying a lawn mower is truly worth it for you. Some find it easier to hire someone. While that can certainly be beneficial, it might be too costly depending on how large your yard is. On the other hand, buying a lawn mower can be expensive. There is; however, another option – renting a lawn mower.

If you’ve never considered renting a mower before, check out these three benefits to renting versus buying.

Saving Money

If you need a zero turn lawn mower to make mowing your lawn easier and faster, the starting cost is usually at least a couple thousand dollars or more. If you only use a mower a handful of times every year, the cost can seem high and maybe even unnecessary; whereas, you can rent a mower for 4 hours for $60 or for the whole day for around $100 from Franklin Rental.

Getting a Better Product

If you can’t afford to buy a quality mower, renting is a great way to go, not just because you’ll save money, but because you can get a better product. This goes hand in hand with cost. By renting, you have the ability to get a quality lawn mower at a low-cost.

Saving Time and Energy

Renting a mower can be a time saver. How? As mentioned above, it comes down to quality. If you aren’t knowledgeable about mowers and don’t quite have enough funds to buy the kind of mower required of your acreage, you might end up spending a lot of extra hours in your yard, simply because you don’t have the right product for your yard. You don’t have to worry about that if you go to Franklin Rental. Their staff will help you find what you need, helping you save time and money.

Franklin Rental has mowers you can rent by the hour, day or month. The staff can help you find the right mower for your lawn. Learn more here. 

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