horseback riding

Horseback riding is a hobby that many people enjoy, especially in Tennessee as farming has been a large part of our culture in many places across the state. Not only is horseback riding a fun hobby; it provides great health benefits too. Here’s three:

1.Helps You De-Stress

Horseback riding offers you the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. If you have a job that keeps you indoors, sitting at a desk most days; horseback riding could be a great way to get outside, enjoy nature and de-stress. Getting a big dose of natural Vitamin D by being in the sun can help you relax, reduce depression, increase serotonin levels and even lower blood pressure. After a long, hard week at work, an afternoon on a Tennessee trail horseback riding could be the perfect cure.

2.Increases Fitness Level

Horseback riding offers a host of ways to get fit. Riding a horse involves control, core strength, leg strength and more. The movement of a light trot adds up to moderate intensity exercise and the constant motion increases muscle tone especially around your core and legs. Horseback riding also helps you improve your posture and practice balance. With all of these muscles working together, your core becomes stronger and more stable.

Much of the type of exercise you get by horseback riding also contributes to cardiovascular strength as well, meaning better overall health. Of course, if you’re interested in horseback riding, be sure to consult your physician beforehand.

3. Aids in Psychological Stability

After improving your fitness and physical stability, many find they also have more mental stability. Fitness often leads to a stronger psychological state anyways, but spending time with animals has been found to increase serotonin, “the happy chemical”. It means overall happiness, strength of mind, and emotional stability. Horses, like a lot of animals, can read emotions; it means that riding allows you to build patience, control your fear and anger, and build confidence in yourself.

These three things are certainly big benefits, but there are many more to be gained by horseback riding. There’s many places in our local area and across Tennessee to teach you how to ride and start your path to being and gaining a stronger you.

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