3 Alternative Holiday Floral Arrangements to Spruce Up Your Home or Give as Gifts

By Heather Listhartke

Poinsettias are often the flower of choice during the Christmas holidays for decor and for gifts, but as we get closer and closer to Christmas, you may have trouble finding this popular holiday plant.

According to Shea at Freeman’s Flowers in Franklin “poinsettias in hers and many places are actually already sold out.” Many might ask themselves what to do now. Unlike the season’s hottest toys, you probably won’t find many flower shops re-stocking their poinsettia inventory. Instead, try these alternative floral arrangements this season, suggested to us by Freeman’s Flowers.


Amaryllis is a little known, but still traditional, flower during the holidays. The amaryllis is a flowering bulb that is one of the easiest to make bloom, but also one of the prettiest. What makes them so popular during the holidays is they are traditionally white and red along with pink, salmon, and orange. The great thing about amaryllis is that they will bloom every year, so you can make it a part of your traditional holiday décor.


Off-White Arrangements

While red is traditionally a favorite during the holidays, Shea says that off-white arrangements are actually doing better this year. Though she isn’t sure why people are choosing the neutral colors over red, she does say that these arrangements are “elegant and can fit either traditional arrangements or modern ones.” Pair these off-white flowers with greenery for natural, beautiful arrangements.


Incorporate Berries, Pinecones and more

If you can’t get ahold of some of the more traditional holiday flowers for your arrangements, there are other great festive options. Though more modern, Shae suggests creating an arrangement with Christmas greens, berries, pinecones, and other holiday decorations. This can be a great, modern alternative that is beautiful, elegant, and still festive.pinecones

Whether you want something more traditional or truly out of the ordinary, Freeman’s Flowers can help no matter your need. Take a look at some of their arrangements on their sitevisit them in person at 188 Front St, Suite 112 Franklin, TN 37064 or call them at (615) 794-6880.