The hours between your children getting home from school and when they go to bed can be a time of total chaos. With extracurricular activities, homework, chores, dinner and bedtime, 4pm to 8pm can test any parent’s nerves.

Here are 3 tips that might help with those afternoon stressors.

1. Routine Clock
Make an after school routine clock. Showing your family there are designated times for play and homework may help keep everyone on track. When the kids complain about doing homework, you can show them that play time is just around the corner.afternoon schedule


2. School Supply Turntable
This is really easy to make and can be as simple or ornate as you like. This organizing hack involves simply using Scotch Ad-Weather Fasteners to attach mason jars to a turn table, allowing you to keep all those crayons, scissors, glue and other school supplies organized. Get all the directions here.homework station

3. Use a Magazine Rack for School Papers
A magazine rack offers a great way to store all those school papers. If you place the rack near where your child drops off his or her backpack every day, it can help remind them to empty their bag when they get home.

magazine rack