5 Trending Hairstyles for 2020

lucy hale haircut
Lucy Hale with a blunt bob. Photo from PopSugar.

The 2020 hair trend is all about structure but with casual vibes that tone the structure down to a fun but get things done attitude. Natural healthy hair is still in and much of the trends are honoring the many popular cuts of the last century with some fresh twists. Here are 5 trending hairstyles of 2020. Let the experienced stylists at A Moments Peace Salon & Day Spa in Franklin help you find a new hairstyle for the new year.

1Blunt and Short

lucy hale haircut
Lucy Hale with a blunt bob. Photo from PopSugar.

Layered has been the long-time favorite for haircuts over the last several decades, but 2020 promises some change. The one-length cut is perhaps the most popular cut on trend at the beginning of 2020. People are looking for something different with a bold, blunt effect. Bobs have grown in popularity over the last year, but you can get the same blunt effect on most lengths by choosing blunt accents around the face while keeping longer lengths. It’s a super simple cut that gives a bold statement. Additionally, single length means less maintenance and the ability to make sure all your hair can be put into a ponytail with no issue come warmer weather.

2Short Bangs

zendaya bangs
Zendaya Photo – Michael Loccisano

Short bangs have been a thing for a little while, and they aren’t leaving yet. 2020’s version though is just a tad different. They’re a bit shorter than previous trends sitting right above the eyebrows. Stylists suggest making sure the hair is dry while cutting as they’ll dry shorter than you may want if cut wet. It can be a lot of work to make sure they lay right for certain hair types especially depending on the type of texture your hair is. Further, these short bangs don’t have to be blunt. They can be kind of piecey of different lengths. The point is usually to show off the eyebrows and bring out the eyes with an openness that tones down normal intensity.

3Loose French Twist

loose french twist
Alex Gaboury YouTube

Classically, tight and professional, the French twist has been a long-standing hairdo popular among professionals, but this 2020 remix tones down the look with casual framing and more careless placement. This hairdo still has the classical bun held in place, but pull out some strands to frame the face for a less serious take on the do. Think of the overall effect as a French twist that you just kind of swept together. The updo is polished and full of body, but also leaves those romantic, unfussy curls spilling out around the face.

4’60s Volume

60s hair
60s hair is back with this low-key volume. Picture from Nylon Magazine.

This 60s volume hair is a slightly new twist. It’s a combination of length, volume, polish, and casual that makes it multifaceted and multiversatile. Stylists call it a more rooted style with middle parts, but a sort of fullness at the crown that has lift. This hairstyle is noticeable and looks polished with slight styling. Gain this look by plumbing hair with a good holding hairspray. For more volume though, many turn to hidden crown toppers for that extra help for the flat straight haired people.

5Long Layered Lengths

long layered lengths
Featured hairstyle in StyleCraze from @ary_hairstylist.

Natural texture is definitely in. Call them beachy lengths or give a nod to the 1970s layered soft and textured looks, either way they honor the many past trends of the last century. They’re soft, tousled, and relaxed, so a good texture spray will definitely come in handy. For those with super straight hair, gain these looks with a high-quality heat tool. Make sure your conditioner and hair care is up to dealing with heat damage.

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