Williamson County Leading the State in Early Voter Turnout

early voting longview rec center
Longview Rec Center, Spring Hill

Early voting is underway. Williamson County is leading the pack in early voter turnout with 60.04% of registered voters casting a ballot through Day 12 of early voting.

voter turnout oct 28
*from Tennessee Election Commission

Here’s a look at 2020 Early Voting Data (All Voters) for Williamson and surrounding counties through day 12 of Early Voting:

We will update this information as new vote totals are reported by the TN Election Commission.

Last updated Oct 29

Total Votes Cast Through Oct 21 (7 Days of Early Voting)20202016% Change
ALL TN COUNTIES1,962,9001,403,05439.90%

*Vote totals include early voters and absentee voters
*We will update this as the TN Election Commission updates their information

Early Voting: Votes Cast Each Day – Williamson County

Williamson CountyTotal Votes Cast
Oct 277,765
Oct 268,167
Oct 244,853
Oct 238,669
Oct 228,605
Oct 219,326
Oct 2010,027
Oct 199,852
Oct 176,356
Oct 169,836
Oct 159,829
Oct 1413,787

More information on early voter turnout here.

Early voting in Tennessee began Oct 14 and runs through Oct 29 (Monday – Saturday), with Election Day on November 3.

There are 8 early voting locations in Williamson County. List of Early Voting Locations Here

Before you go:

  • Early voting is open to any registered voter in the county. Any registered voter may vote at any one of the eight early voting sites within the county regardless of their actual place of residence.
  • All voters must present a Tennessee or Federal issued identification (even if expired) bearing the voters’ name and photo unless excluded under certain provisions of the law. (T.C.A. §2-7-112 (a)). First time voters who registered online or by mail
    must show proof of residential address before casting a ballot.Reminders
  • Voters who have moved less than (90) days before the date of a Federal/State primary or General Election to another place inside Tennessee but outside the county where the voter is registered may vote in the polling place where the voter is registered. (T.C.A. 2-7-115)
  • Voters must be registered in their county of residence no later than (30) days before Election Day in order to vote. (T.C.A. 2-2-109)


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