2018 Football Jamboree Coming Soon

football jamboree

Rutherford County Schools

It’s not every day Rutherford County athletic director Tim Tackett responds to an unsolicited phone by saying, “This is a great idea and it makes perfect sense.”

After all, there are a lot of opinions when it comes to high school football in Rutherford County.

And Tackett, who has been a teacher, coach, principal and school board member, has heard just about all of them and will be the first to admit, while the ideas are always well-intended, unfortunately, a lot of them are shortsighted.

That was not the case last spring when Williamson County athletic director Jeremy Qualls, who was named to the position in July 2014, first called with the idea of having a joint jamboree with football teams from both Rutherford and Williamson counties.

“I hope our coaches are interested,” Tackett thought to himself.

They were.

In fact, a poll of head coaches indicated they were overwhelmingly interested.

This year’s RUCO/WILCO Jamboree will take place Thursday, Aug. 9 and Friday, Aug. 10.

Thursday’s jamboree celebration will take place at Nolensville High School, while Friday’s will be in Murfreesboro at Oakland High School. There will be four halves played each night featuring eight teams and 16 teams over the two nights.

Each night kicks off at 5 p.m. with two new teams set to play one half of a game at the top of every hour.


Thursday, August 9 at Nolensville High School

5 p.m. – Fairview vs. Cascade

6 p.m. – Summit vs. Blackman

7 p.m. – Independence vs. LaVergne

8 p.m. – Nolensville vs. Centennial

Friday, August 10 at Oakland High School

5 p.m. – Riverdale vs. Brentwood

6 p.m. – Stewarts Creek vs. Franklin

7 p.m. – Siegel vs. Page

8 p.m. – Oakland vs. Ravenwood