And now there are five.

John Magyar, a Brentwood resident, is now the fifth person to apply for the vacant District 7 County Commission seat.

Magyar, a Realtor for Keller Williams, has been serving as a member of the Brentwood Planning Commission for a year and a half, since Mayor Regina Smith appointed him.

“Mayor Regina Smithson asked me to be on the planning commission and commissioner Anne Dunn asked me to think about the commission seat, saying that my knowledge, abilities, and interests match,” he wrote in his application.”

As commissioner, he said he would protect the assets of Brentwood and the county, and that mass transit could be a potential focus.

Magyar has also worked as a producer, writer and director and has worked in 30 countries around the world as a filmmaker.

Magyar joins other applicants Omar Hamada, a 51-year old doctor and entrepreneur, Bobby Hullett, 7th District WCS board member, Jennifer Luteran, who ran and lost to Hullett for his current seat, and Hugh Dupree, a judicial assistant to the Williamson County Court.

Bert Chalfant, the remaining 7th District commissioner, will make a recommendation to the full  commission on Monday at their monthly meeting.