13 Haunted Houses to Visit for Halloween

millers Thrillers


miller thrillersNew route, New theatrics, New barn! Experience this adventure ride with an incredible ending that will have you tapping your toes; if you SURVIVE! The hayride now travels through the woods for more interaction. The first and last 25% of this ride will be no shooting but will increase the entertainment value and WOW FACTOR! This is the greatest show!

The Haunted Woods is a stroll through the trail that you will never forget. Enter the intense hour-long trek through the twisted groves and gnarled oaks. We have found an old mining trail that leads into the darkness. Stay in your group and do not go under any of the boundaries. The swamps and hundreds of acres of farmland are looking to swallow you up. Visitors, watch your back, you’ll never know which way to look out for. True to form, the Haunted Woods is not for children under 10 or the faint of heart. Experience an outdoor fright that is simply too big to house indoors!

1431 Carters Creek Pike
Columbia, TN. 38401
(Just 5 Minutes West Of Spring Hill)