Ten thousand names seemed to echo across Columbia Avenue as white bags glowed across the Confederate trench line Wednesday night in a symbolic ceremony to mark an historic anniversary here.

Inside each bag stood a candle, representing men from both the Union and Confederacy who died during the Battle of Franklin. The commemorative 152nd anniversary illumination was organized by Battle of Franklin Trust CEO Eric Jacobson. Standing behind the Carter House, he explained what the conditions were like on the hallowed day.

The sun slowly set through the trees on the nearly 60-degree day, nearly identical conditions to what the soldiers witnessed in Franklin on Nov. 30 more than 150 years ago.

“Today is almost exactly like it was 152 years ago,” Jacobson said. “We are one day past a new moon. It was on a Wednesday. You’re here on a unique evening.”

For the first in the illumination’s history, Jacobson said it was time to read the names of those who lost their lives for their county.

“Because I think on a day like today, this is why we do what we do,” he said. “It’s to commemorate  the men who fought and suffered here.”

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