By Heather Listhartke

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (or HBOT) utilizes concentrated oxygen to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. The concentrated oxygen is absorbed through the skin and from breathing and goes directly into the blood. The superficial capillary beds get “supersaturated” with oxygen. This higher O2 level increases the circulation of blood. The oxygen nourishes cells and cleanses as it circulates. HBOT has lots of benefits, here are 10:

1.Cleansing & Detoxing
Cleansing and detoxing are some of the first benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The increased oxygen improves your body’s natural cleansing process which in turn improves immune function, which is why oxygen therapy is a key component for any comprehensive cleansing program. Some medical professionals also believe that it can help the body detox itself from heavy metal poisoning mostly due to the increased oxygen that allows the brain to function better in regulating and repairing tissues as an immune booster.

2. Immune Booster
The benefit to immune function also has several other added extras to it. Oxygen therapy has been a long-time treatment for immune problems in Europe since oxygen inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, and viruses. People with diseases that are particularly hard on the immune system like hepatitis, HIV, herpes, shingles, Lyme disease, and several others, even flu, have seen dramatic reduction in symptoms.

3. Heals Wounds
Oxygen therapy can also help heal wounds and other conditions that often lead to deterioration of the body including diabetic wounds, pressure ulcers, skin grafts and flap, traumatic wound injuries, and brain and nerve problems like MS, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and dementia. This is because our brain is especially sensitive to oxygen depletion, so if we increase oxygen, these symptoms of the conditions often improve.

4. Treats Nerve Pain
By treating the nerve issues, there’s another benefit of less nerve pain. People who have scar tissue, neuropathy of certain types, or even auto-immune diseases that attack the nerves like fibromyalgia, can see improvement in their symptoms. Though it isn’t certain, most medical doctors believe that this might be due to the oxygen stimulating conductive fibers that make the body regulate itself better.

5. Treats Scars
In helping with nerves and other functions, Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy also helps with scar tissue and skin imperfections as oxygen increases cell production and cell growth. It also helps stimulate increased blood flow to areas that may not get as much due to injuries. The combination of the effects allows the body to penetrate the scars with blood flow that allow it to heal better. For this same reason, we also see improvements to skin conditions that cause rashes such as psoriasis and eczema. At the same time, because of the cell production, it can generally make us look more youthful and feel younger.

6. Increases Energy
Oxygen therapy can also increase our energy. Most people who use hyperbaric oxygen therapy praise it as being refreshing and awakening for their mind, body, and soul. For this reason, many spas have added this to their packages as an extra benefit for their customers.

7. Encourages Better Digestion
This increase in energy also helps with metabolic problems. For people who are gaining weight, having a hard time losing weight, or issues from diabetes and insulin resistance, oxygen is a good treatment as it increases our body’s capability to breathe and digest appropriately. Meaning we get better nutrients that stimulate our body rather than shutting it down, which in turn helps our body to regulate weight appropriately.

8. Aids Athletes
The increase in metabolism and energy helps athletes train better. Triathletes and others have used the treatments for years as a way to regulate their heart rate, help them sleep better, heal better, and increase their speed and endurance.

9. Increased Focus
One other benefit of Oxygen Therapy is increased focus. It makes sense due to the benefits that oxygen shows for brain health and cell growth. By having more oxygen, our brains are functioning at a higher
level and our bodies are responding better. It means that we not only react better, but think better.

10. Can Help Treat Cancer
Finally, while our bodies like oxygen, most cancer cells don’t. Oxygen therapy, therefore, has been used by holistic medicine as a treatment for cancer. The FDA doesn’t approve oxygen therapy as a treatment, but many people still use it. If you are looking for more information about oxygen therapy and its benefits, Premier Age Management and Medical Weight Loss Center is one of very few places that have it openly available to its customers. Initially, they will schedule a consultation and intake session. Treatments last roughly an hour, and it’s as easy as sitting down and relaxing. They are happy to offer any assistance that you might need. To reach them, visit their website, call them at (615) 649-9600, or email them.

Call Premier Age Management today at 615-649-9600 to set up a consultation to discuss how HBOT could help you. They have two convenient locations – Brentwood at 229 Ward Circle, Suite A-23 and in Hendersonville at 115 Hazel Path #1. Learn more about their services at



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