10 Projects Coming to Spring Hill











Buckner Road/I-65 Interchange

Along with plans to extend Duplex Road, this road project made our list.

The need for a new I-65 Interchange between Saturn Parkway and Peytonsville Road is obvious to anyone who makes that commute everyday. The need is obvious, too, to county planners.

The Williamson County Commission approved a Spring Hill sponsored plan to do a traffic study, with an eye toward adding a new interchange. Buckner Road is being widened, and is currently a possibility for the location of the interchange.

The next step will be seeing the results of the study, and getting funding from the state and from the federal government.

In February the County announced a plan to open Buckner Road from two to five lanes that would cost up to $16.8 million.

The proposed plan included a roundabout and right-of-way acquisition, engineering and construction will total approximately. Without a roundabout, the widening cost totals approximately $15.3 million.

The Buckner Road proposal is aimed at accommodating the future traffic needs if the Tennessee Department of Transportation constructs a new I-65 interchange at Buckner. The necessary land acquisition for the widening would impact an estimated 110 properties.

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  1. I agree with Teresa. There are also more places to “widen” Thompson Station Road than there is Buckner Rd. People will lose their yards and subdivision entrances by widening to five lanes of traffic.

  2. Guess it is to spend more money than is needed….Maury County needs to add an interchange at KEDRON Rd. Actually they need to add right hand turn lanes and left hand turn lanes on 31 and get rid of the stop light in Neapolis.

    • Also on PORT ROYAL and SATURN PKWY how about a cloverleaf to get the traffic off Port Royal and add a lane to the Huntsville exit.

    • The stop light in Neapolis was put in to help the students at Spring Hill High School get out of school. If there was no stop light, traffic from the school would even more backed up than it is right now. They’re newer drivers. They needed that stop light just as much as trucks delivering to the gas stations did.

  3. Thompson station road is a better location for the interchange. It would be better to widen Buckner lane running north south first and widen Buckner road to 3 lanes at the most. There is not enough room for 5 lanes.

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