Olympic Facts

The Rio Summer Olympics are underway. While many of you may be tuned into Olympic coverage every day, you may not know some of these interesting facts about the Olympic Games.

1.The Rio Olympics are the first games held in South America

2.Steve Redgrave, British rower, became the first athlete to win gold medals in five consecutive Olympics. He won the gold from 1984-2000.

3. The oldest competitor to win a gold medal was Oscar Swahn, a Swedish shooter. He was 64 when he won at the Stockholm Games.

4. The youngest competitor at Rio is Nepal’s Gaurika Singh. The 13-year-old is competing in the 100m backstroke.

5. Archery was the first Olympic sport in which women were allowed to compete in. Women competed in the Olympics for the first time in 1900 in Paris.

6. USA Basketball Team member Kevin Durant has the highest earnings at Rio with $56.2 million.

7. In 1912, the Olympics and Wimbledon were held at the same time, and all of the best players chose to compete at Wimbledon.

8. In the sport of badminton, one country has dominated the sport at the Olympics. China has won 166 gold medals since 1992.

9. The first time gold, silver and bronze medals were used was 1904 in St. Louis. In 1896, the winners in each event received silver medals, as there was not enough money left to mint them in gold.

10.In conjunction with the Games in Atlanta, the first-ever Olympic Games website received 189 million hits.




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