10 of the Worst Traffic Spots in Middle Tennessee












Murfreesboro, in general, has a traffic problem. Rather than list a number of problematic intersections, it comes down to growth and the city’s grid not being able to handle that growth.

The U.S. Census ranks Murfreesboro as the 10th fastest-growing city in the country. Its population, of more than 131,000 has exploded, almost doubling from 68,000 in 2010.

This has made the I-24 corridor unbearable, with many people commuting to Nashville, and it has also congested the city terribly.

More than 28,000 cars enter the city via Highway 96 from the west each day, another 26,000 on Highway 41, nearly 30,000 on Memorial Blvd, another 13,000 from 96 to the east, and 25,000 from the north on Thompson Lane, according to TDOT.

To improve the traffic, a high tech traffic computerized system is underway to improve traffic flow at 14 intersections over seven miles of Murfreesboro roadway. TDOT awarded the city a $3.35-million grant to cover the project.

The project includes: Rutherford Boulevard (Southwest Broad Street to New Lascassas Highway) and East Northfield Boulevard (New Lascassas Highway to Highland Avenue).

The city is planning to have bids for the project sometime in 2018.

It will do the following:

1) Upgrade each of the signalized intersections with new signal control cabinets and internal control equipment;

2) Install fiber optic communication cable and hardware along the entire corridor;

3) Install corridor and system vehicle detection infrastructure and communications;

4) Install CCTV cameras;

5) Install pedestrian signals at selected signalized intersections;

6) Develop and implement new traffic signal timing for each intersection and system as a whole..

The additional interconnection of the 14 intersections included in the project corridor will increase the City’s interconnected signal system from the current 88 signalized intersections to 102 or seventy-one percent 70 percent of the City’s total traffic signal inventory accessible.

The project will expand the City’s CCTV system by adding 9 cameras to the current 32 camera system for a total 41 cameras to provide strategic visual coverage of key locations for remote intersection and roadway monitoring and evaluation of traffic progressing.

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