10 of the Worst Traffic Spots in Middle Tennessee











9.Hwy 96 between Eddy Lane & Main Street, Franklin

A Franklin traffic study showed that this is one of the most congested pieces of asphalt in city limits. It was one of the few areas in Franklin that rated an F in its level of service, which is how traffic engineers rate congestion. (A through F, with F being the worst. C is usually the lowest acceptable grade.)

About 17,000 vehicles use this two-lane, two-way conduit every day, most of them in the morning and the afternoon as a commuting route. With the natural bottleneck caused by a town, with reduced speed limits, lights on every block or so and only a few arteries feeding in and out but not any (save perhaps Mack Hatcher) around Franklin’s downtown, this one could be one of the worst spots to find yourself at rush hour. Turning left, coming into Franklin, onto Margin Street might be one of the worst experiences you can have while driving. Not to mention the train tracks that every so often deliver one more delay, just outside downtown.

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