Williamson County Property Transfers February 15, 2017

Williamson County Property Transfers February 15, 2017

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See where houses sold last week and for how much in the most recent Williamson County property transfers. For more information about purchasing a home, click here to contact Susan Gregory with Parks Realty.

375000Dallas Downs135 Heathersett DrFranklinTN37064
191000Brentwood Pointe103 Brentwood PointeBrentwoodTN37027
155200Rucker105 Rucker AveFranklinTN37064
424000Mckays Mill1605 Sumter CtFranklinTN37067
1420006709-B Flat Creek Rd College GroveTN37046
8250004373 S Carothers RdFranklinTN37064
414919Rizer Point1016 Reese DrFranklinTN37069
437861Waters Edge6007 Headwaters DrFranklinTN37064
232750Haley Industrial Park7404 Tn Excavating DrNolensvilleTN37135
4500000Carothers PkwyFranklinTN37064
2280000Carothers PkwyFranklinTN37064
335120Cooper Ridge1959 Allerton WaySpring HillTN37174
282000Newport Crossing1804 Tellico CtThompsons StationTN37179
224740Western Wood7115 Colquiit WaFairviewTN37062
226498Deer Valley Downs7303 Brooklet CvFairviewTN37062
228900Western Woods Village7520 Spicer CtFairviewTN37062
231900Western Woods Village7116 Colquiit WayFairviewTN37062
204900Western Woods Village7113 Colquiit WayFairviewTN37062
236800Western Woods Village7519 Spicer CtFairviewTN37062
3977000Westhaven114 Prospect AveFranklinTN37064
395000Mckays Mill1302 Pemberton Heights DrFranklinTN37067
8250002079 Old Hillsboro RdFranklinTN37064
300000Cameron Farms2564 Milton LnThompsons StationTN37179
857501598 Ragsdale RdBrentwoodTN37027
35721521 Franklin RdBrentwoodTN37027
40081305 Franklin RdBrentwoodTN37027
7641522 Franklin RdBrentwoodTN37027
37625Brentwood Hills1107 Franklin RdBrentwoodTN37027
2062471427 Franklin RdBrentwoodTN37027
300001532 Franklin RdBrentwoodTN37027
206000Haynes Crossing2921 Wills CtSpring HillTN37174
479900Highlands @ Ladd Park179 Alfred Ladd RdFranklinTN37064
665000Brenthaven1616 Knox DrBrentwoodTN37027
376000Temple Hills108 Oakmont DrFranklinTN37069
327004Simmons Ridge1089 Honey Bush CirFranklinTN37064
373000Stonebrook1131 Oak Creek DrNolensvilleTN37135
462000Sullivan Farms711 Braemere DrFranklinTN37064
300000Walnut Hills2267 S Berrys Chapel RdFranklinTN37069
1130000Sheridan Park5607 Saddlewood LBrentwoodTN37027
532765Falls Grove6629 Edgemoore DrCollege GroveTN37046
875000Preserve At Echo Est18 Amesbury LnFranklinTN37069
875000Preserve At Echo Est28 Amesbury LnFranklinTN37069
875000Preserve At Echo Est34 Amesbury LnFranklinTN37069
375000Highlands @ Ladd Parkse2024 Ryecroft LnFranklinTN37064
292215Simmons Ridge1029 Honey Bush CirFranklinTN37064
60000Hill Est225 Cherry DrFranklinTN37064
339650Wades Grove8017 Ragusa CirSpring HillTN37174
1372140Hayes1 Duke DrFranklinTN37067
1372140Hayes2 Duke DrFranklinTN37067
914760HayesDuke DrFranklinTN37067
150000Gilchrist South205 Gilchrist South CirNolensvilleTN37135
190000Saddle Springs Est1164 Saddle Springs DrThompsons StationTN37179
385951Highlands @Ladd Park4031 Ryecroft LnFranklinTN37064
392507Bent Creek128 Sea Oaks CtNolensvilleTN37135
370000Cherry Grove Add3011 Stewart Campbell PtSpring HillTN37174
420000Mckays Mill1016 Dunrobin DrFranklinTN37067
372500Mckays Mill1401 Harve CtFranklinTN37067
549900Chestnut Bend404 Pond View CtFranklinTN37064
245000Spring Hill4010 Arnst WaySpring HillTN37174
245000Andover635 Huffine Manor CirFranklinTN37067
249900Western Woods Village7507 Nathaniel Woods BlvdFairviewTN37062
650000Cherry Grove Add5008 Perth CtSpring HillTN37174
270000Windsor Park115 Alton Park LnFranklinTN37069
267000Castleberry Farm7153 Locks Ley LnFairviewTN37062
400000Fields Of Canterbury2629 Paddock Park DrThompsons StationTN37179
290000Twin Oaks1572 Birchwood CirFranklinTN37064
1393500Legends Ridge405 Lake Valley DrFranklinTN37069
443500Caldwell Est351 Springhouse CirFranklinTN37067
255400Tollgate Village2000 #H-300 Newark Ln Thompsons StationTN37179
130500Deervalley29 Deervalley DrFairviewTN37062
130500Deervalley30 Deervalley DrFairviewTN37062
130500Deervalley31 Deervalley DrFairviewTN37062
43500Deervalley7212 Deervalley DrFairviewTN37062
480000Fieldstone Farms2015 Baxter LnFranklinTN37069
285000Royal Oaks217 Cambridge PlFranklinTN37067
750554Farms @Clovercroft9300 Norwegian Red DrNolensvilleTN37135
414671Stream Valley8033 Brookpark AveFranklinTN37064
392807Falls Grove6717 Pleasant Gate LnCollege GroveTN37046
279000Kingwood7142 Kingwood BlvdFairviewTN37062
488023Bent Creek5065 Aunt Nannies PlNolensvilleTN37135
476555Amelia Park1337 Fairbanks StFranklinTN37067
780000River Oaks6214 Milbrook RdBrentwoodTN37027
652859Westhaven1808 Championship BlvdFranklinTN37064
384900Fields Of Canterbury2136 Chaucer Park LnThompsons StationTN37179
2350001106 Lipscomb DrBrentwoodTN37027
1090000Old Hillsboro RdFranklinTN37067
367500Belshire6001 Trotwood LnSpring HillTN37174
2000004830 Reynolds RdSpring HillTN37174
900000Oss Jerome4254 Old Hillsboro RdFranklinTN37064
2686494818 Harpeth Peyt RdThompsons StationTN37179
6999008137 Shoals Branch RdPrimm SpringsTN38476
40000Kyles Creek7166 Kyles Creek DrFairviewTN37062
161000Laurelwood601 #R-1 Boyd Mill Ave FranklinTN37064
1015000Governors Club16 Angel TraceBrentwoodTN37027
431960Highlands @Ladd Park4037 Ryecroft LnFranklinTN37064
155000Mooreland Est303 Flowerwood CtBrentwoodTN37027
1180000Fountainhead5125 Walnut Park DrBrentwoodTN37027
264900Cameron Farms2500 Douglas CtThompsons StationTN37179
6799007388 Nolensville RdNolensvilleTN37135
310000Dakota Pointe3055 Sakari CirSpring HillTN37174
1330000Preserve@Echostates1205 Echo LnFranklinTN37069
167500Laurelwood601 #R-3 Boyd Mill Ave FranklinTN37064
513421Rizer Point1008 Reese DrFranklinTN37069
515000Wildwood Est6425 Panorama DrBrentwoodTN37027
155000Bridgemore Village3558 Creamery Bridge RdThompsons StationTN37179
399000Belshire3052 Everleigh PlSpring HillTN37174
2798504485 Pratt LnFranklinTN37064
271000Brentwood Pointe1228 Brentwood PointeBrentwoodTN37027
117500Highlands @Ladd Park150 Bertrand DrFranklinTN37064
248500Carriage Park Condos1209 Carriage Park DrFranklinTN37064
418070Stream Valley8029 Brookpark AveFranklinTN37064
120000Colony House Condo1100 A-12 W Main St FranklinTN37064
204125Shirebrook103 Padstone LnSpring HillTN37174
106408Lockwood Glen506 Lockwood LnFranklinTN37064
265000Riverview Park600 Riverview DrFranklinTN37064
298000Falcon Creek2208 Falcon Creek DrFranklinTN37067
1200000Wilson PkFranklinTN37067
14000004348 Old Hillsboro RdFranklinTN37064
360002700 Clayton Arnold RdThompsons StationTN37179
319295Hunters Chas1177 Hunters Chase DrFranklinTN37064
915000Fountainhead5121 Walnut Park DrBrentwoodTN37027
453290Summerl Yn4615 Robin LnNolensvilleTN37135
385000Mckays Mill1026 Market StFranklinTN37067
102500Biggers Roger Subd7170 Bahne RdFairviewTN37062
454559Amelia Park1494 Casner LnFranklinTN37067
300000203 A&B Old Liberty Pk FranklinTN37064
729600Water Leaf110 Water Leaf Dr & CtFranklinTN37064
729600Water Leaf112 Water Leaf Dr & CtFranklinTN37064
729600Water Leaf116 Water Leaf Dr & CtFranklinTN37064
76183Clovercroft RdFranklinTN37067
489900Mccormick Grove7119 Pleasant Grove CtFairviewTN37062


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