SEC Men’s Basketball: Game to Watch Kentucky vs Florida

SEC Men’s Basketball: Game to Watch Kentucky vs Florida

By Amber Pennycuff

Syracuse Men's Basketball LogoAP Top 25

1. Syracuse (23-0)

2. Arizona (23-1)

3. Florida (21-2)

4. Wichita State (25-0)

5. San Diego State (21-1)

USA Today Coaches Poll

1. Syracuse (23-0)

2. Wichita State (25-0)

3. Arizona (23-1)

4. Florida (21-2)

5. San Diego State (21-1)


SEC Rankings

1 .#3/4 Florida (10-0)

2. #13/14 Kentucky (8-2)

3. Ole Miss (7-3)

4. LSU (6-4)

5. Tennessee (6-5)

6. Georgia (6-4)

7. Vanderbilt (5-5)

8. Missouri (4-6)

9. Arkansas (4-6)

10. Texas A&M (4-6)

11. Mississippi State (3-7)

12. Auburn (3-7)

13. Alabama (3-7)

14. South Carolina (1-9)

Kentucky vs. Florida- Two of the SEC’s Best Battle

Two of the SEC’s top men’s basketball teams will be facing off on Saturday.  The Gators will be making their way up north to the Bluegrass State.

Although not as highly-ranked, the always-favored Kentucky will have home advantage and the upper hand on Saturday night.  Kentucky is rumored to take the SEC trophy home this year, but they will have Florida to face for the first time this weekend.

Florida is undefeated in the SEC, unlike Kentucky, who has fallen to unranked Arkansas and LSU.

Like many have said before me, the Wildcats have an extremely young team.  This Kentucky class has a total of nine true freshman on its roster, while Florida only has two.

Speaking of the Gators roster, this sunshine team has four seniors, one redshirt junior, two juniors, and three redshirt sophomores.  Not only is Florida going to continue to be good, but the redshirts are making sure they are only going to get better.

This will be an interesting match-up and one of the best games to watch all season.  The two will tip-off at 8 p.m. on Saturday, televised on ESPN.

Tuesday, February 11th
Tennessee vs. Florida: The Gators take a 67-58 win in Knoxville.
Ole Miss @ Alabama: The Crimson Tide closes in on Ole Miss at home with a 67-64 win.

Wednesday, February 12th
Vanderbilt @ South Carolina: 7 p.m. on SEC TV
Auburn vs. Kentucky: 7 p.m. on SEC TV
LSU @ Texas A&M: 8 p.m. on CSS
Mississippi State vs. Georgia: 8 p.m. televised on FSN

Thursday, February 13th
Arkansas @ Missouri: 6 p.m. on ESPN/ESPN2

Saturday, February 15th
Auburn vs. Mississippi State: 12:30 p.m. on SEC TV
Texas A&M @ Vanderbilt: 12:30 p.m. televised on SEC TV
South Carolina vs. Alabama: 3 p.m. on SEC TV
Missouri vs. Tennessee: 3 p.m. televised on ESPN/ESPN2
LSU @ Arkansas: 4 p.m. on ESPNU
Kentucky vs. Florida: 8 p.m. on ESPN


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