June Food Battle—Best Burger in Williamson County

Our monthly food battle returns and this time we’re highlighting the best burgers, fries/onion rings and craft brews in town.

Burgers are a favorite this time of year, so tell us—who do you think makes the best burgers in Williamson County. If you don’t see your favorite on our list, e-mail us at info@williamsonsource.com and we’ll add them!

Voting closes midnight on June 23rd!

Editor’s Note: In an effort to maintain the integrity of Food Battle, make sure all restaurants are treated fairly, and assure legitimate results based on true audience voting, we have established new ground rules for Food Battle and adjusted the voting in the Burger category accordingly.  Any restaurant repeatedly attempting to unfairly influence the voting may be removed from consideration.  Thank you for participating!  And may the best burger win!…Staff of Williamson Source

See June Food Battle Winners Here


Food Battle Official Rules & Guidelines
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Andrea Hinds
Andrea has always loved the written word. She holds a B.A. in Journalism and a Masters in Creative Writing, both from Belmont University. Both sides of her family have lived in Williamson County for generations, so writing for Williamson Source is the perfect fit. She loves to hear stories of what Williamson County was like when her parents and grandparents were young and to write about this ever evolving county is truly special for her.


  1. I eat food all over the country tour bus driver Frankies Grill and pizza in Spring Hill Tennessee is positively the best restaurant I’ve eaten at in a long time keep going back try it you’ll like it sincerely David Christopher

  2. I’m a tour bus driver live in Boston eat in some of the best restaurants in the country I love Frankies in Spring Hill Tennessee been there many times they know how to do it . Italian food.Boston New York Chicago has nothing on them

  3. I’ve been watching the voting over the past 2 hours and it’s such a shame that a business can not play by the rules. The numbers have inflated all evening. I just watched the Burger Shak jump up in votes by about 20 in just a matter of minutes. Where’s the integrity here? Shame on any of you that need to cheat to win.

    • We are aware of all of the issues. We are manually re-tabulating based upon IP addresses. We will announce the winners tomorrow

  4. Joe, I was thinking the same thing. There are a couple of businesses cheating here. I’m going to call the paper tomorrow and have them take away all the duplicate votes. They can track all votes from the IP Address.

    • We are aware of all of the issues. We are manually re-tabulating based upon IP addresses. We will announce the winners tomorrow.

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