Have you Heard About “Real Chemistry?”

Have you Heard About “Real Chemistry?”

The Real Chemistry™ 3 Minute Precision Peel is the newest product from BluDahlia LLC a new, American skin-care company. This Nashville-based company is a dream come true for Karen Griffin. Her new, American skin care and cosmetics company is designed to meet the needs of the value-oriented consumer.

Owner photo Karen GriffinKaren is a single mother of three and hoped to start a business that would help her spend more time with her family while providing a needed service to the community. Her research convinced her that American consumers were missing out on amazing products available elsewhere. The result is Real Chemistry™, a niche collection of skin care products designed to enhance the overall radiance of the skin, without having to change an existing regimen.

Their first product was launched in October 2012, the Real Chemistry™ 3 Minute Precision Peel. The peel removes dead epidermal cells in seconds with no sting, no burn, and no itch, leaving only fresh, radiant skin! They also recommend using your favorite moisturizer and sun screen immediately after the peel. The 1 oz. tube will last for 6-8 applications making it a fabulous value.

You can find their products online at www.myrealchemistry.com or at local store including the SkinBar in Brentwood. Find out more about the company by contacting them directly at info@bludahilia.com.

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  1. Rodney McNeal

    I saw this product being discussed on the news last night and didn’t catch where it can be purchased;I only heard OpryMills. Please tell me where I can buy these products.
    Thank you

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