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Williamson County, TN
Monday, May 29, 2017
Old School Cafeteria With Killer Carrot Souffle
Bishop’s Meat & 3

Bishop’s is near a lot of buzzy brunch spots, and although they may not have the fancy mason jars and artisan glass-blown plates (whatever that means), their styrofoam plates and cups hold some of the best-loved soul food in the area. Cute but no-frills, Bishop’s gets down to business. The business of fried chicken. The hot chicken is a standout, as is the carrot souffle that comes as a side. Sip on their sweet tea and chat with locals in the line…Franklin is a crazy friendly place, so you’re sure to bond with your fellow mac and cheese lovers. Cheap and quick, this is a great place to take a big group or grab lunch with the family after church on Sunday when the big game is coming on soon. You’ll be in and out AND full. Win win! Franklin has been voted one of America’s most picturesque towns by publications all over the country. About 20-30 minutes outside of central Nashville, Franklin feels like a countryside that’s only a stone’s throw away from the big city; sprawling hills, cows a-grazin’, and star-gazin’ (the celestial kind and the country kind - pretty much every country star known to man has an estate in the area). The downtown strip boasts award-winning restaurants, live music, historic theaters, and Civil War museums. Franklin was the site of several important Civil War battles, so bring your history buffs here and knock their nerdy little socks off (we’re history nerds ourselves).

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