75.8 F
Williamson County, TN
Monday, May 29, 2017
Nothing Says Love Like A Biscuit
The Loveless Cafe

Ahh, The Loveless Cafe. There’s a reason pretty much everyone and their mother has heard of it. The famed Southern eatery has lines around the block most days (hint: come on a weekday afternoon if you can manage it), and there are several reasons for that. The hashbrown casserole, the folksy/authentic general store, the cream corn...but most importantly: THE BISCUITS. Jelly, butter - doesn’t matter how you take your biscuit, as long as you promise to not stop after one (not that it is humanly possible). This is a great place to take out of towners or do a marathon date with your adventurous significant other - after lunch you can check out a show in Loveless Barn or take a bike ride down the picturesque Natchez Trace Parkway! Bellevue is a magical little place. With the charm of nearby Franklin, the convenience of Nashville, and families and parks galore, a lot of people are moving here to start families and take life easy. Do yourself a favor and take a leisurely drive through one of these neighborhoods - you’ll see some of the most beautiful antebellum houses you’ve ever seen, and you’re probably going to feel the urge to listen to Steve Tyrell’s “Give Me The Simple Life” while you do it. Go ahead. We won’t judge.

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