75.2 F
Williamson County, TN
Friday, May 26, 2017
Mipso, John Nemeth, Matt Urmy, Brigitte DeMeyer & Will Kimbrough
The Factory at Franklin
Wed, May 24 7:00 pm

Mipso - When Mipso’s 2013 debut, Dark Holler Pop, rose to #8 on Billboard’s Bluegrass charts, the success surprised a lot of people – Mipso’s four members included. “Well, we didn’t know so many people would buy it,” laughs mandolin player Jacob Sharp, “and we definitely didn’t know we were a bluegrass band.” John Németh - Don’t try to snatch him back and hold him, he’s a man on the move. John Németh had already established himself among the very top ranks of blues musicians and modern soul singers when he decided to break the mold with his new record, FEELIN’ FREAKY. Németh fearlessly crushes all barriers of style and genre with an album of original songs that defies all the usual pigeonholes. Drawing from his strong influences in blues and R&B, as well as contemporary sounds in hip hop and rock & roll, John creates music that is personal as well as universal, and owes its origin to no one but John Németh.  Matt Urmy - Although he was born in New York City, and raised by parents who were from New York and New England, Matt spent his childhood and adolescence in Nashville, TN. His early exposure to the music studios and the craft of songwriting shaped Matt’s world view, and his vision for what his life would be about. After years of playing in bands, like the Knoxville-based honky-tonk band, The Whiskey Scars, Matt began focusing more on his individual craft as a songwriter and storyteller. He dove into the catalogs of the greats like, Guy Clark, Springsteen, Townes, John Prine, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and others…while also earnestly studying great poets like, Lorca, Neruda, Merwin, Muriel Rukeyser and Mary Oliver. Brigitte DeMeyer is a very visible artist in the Americana movement. Her work has stirred accolades in national media. She has been tapped to open for Bob Dylan, among others, and performs frequently at home and abroad. She writes songs as weavers thread tapestries, her most vivid colors being a Southern feel, a churchy soulfulness in her vocals, and a way with words that bears comparison to literature as easily as to the best contemporary lyrics.  Will Kimbrough is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer born and raised in the deep south of the Alabama Gulf Coast. 

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