80 F
Williamson County, TN
Sunday, June 25, 2017
Kefir and Kombucha Basics
Cohn Adult Education Center
Wed, Jul 19 6:00 pm

Come learn the basics of making fermented beverages for gut health! In this class we will cover kefir (dairy and non-dairy forms) and kombucha. These traditional beverages are delicious and important additions to your culinary medicine cabinet that help populate healthy gut bacteria for a stronger immune system and better digestion! We will play with flavors and talk about the varieties of ways to use all three in your day-to-day diet. Students will take home fully hydrated milk kefir grains and SCOBY to begin your own kefir and kombucha brews at home, as well as a packet of recipes and flavor combinations for your home brews. Students are required to pay the instructor a $15 supply fee which covers all take-home items.

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