75.8 F
Williamson County, TN
Monday, May 29, 2017
Face Off With Nashville’s Most Comprehensive Bagel Menu (& Get Free Coffee)
Bagel Face Bakery

Not too hole-in-the-wall, but just the right amount of lived-in hipster chic (think the furniture from your grandma’s living room). Friendly faces give you a free small coffee when you check in with your bagel order - paradise! This will complete your morning routine. Classic choices include the Bacon, Egg, & Cheese and the Lox Bagel. East Nasty: a crafstman/woman’s paradise. In this ultra-hip ‘boro, everyone is always creating something, whether it’s delicate jewelry, sturdy oak tables, or bluegrass music. You’ll find precious parents taking their kids to the park, people playing fiddles on their porch, and musicians brunching/brainstorming for their new record. Tons of hot spots here!

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Family Wash
Mon, May 29 8:00 pm
Acme Feed & Seed
Tue, May 30 7:00 pm
Mercy Lounge
Tue, May 30 8:00 pm
3rd and Lindsley
Tue, May 30 8:00 pm
City Winery
Tue, May 30 8:00 pm
Acme Feed & Seed
Wed, May 31 6:00 pm
Ascend Amphitheater
Wed, May 31 7:00 pm
3rd and Lindsley
Wed, May 31 7:30 pm
Frist Center Cafe
Thu, Jun 01 6:00 pm