75.8 F
Williamson County, TN
Monday, May 29, 2017
A Diner For The Pop Culture Nerd
Pied Piper Eatery

This place feels like an NYC diner that would be the non-touristy version of Stardust. There is pop culture galore (look for the cardboard cutout of the always fabulous Liberace) and tons of 80s memorabilia. A fun dinner with the kids, a chill Sunday breakfast/lunch! Try out the Monty Python Cristo (Ham & French Toast Sandwich Hybrid). East Nasty: a craftsman/woman’s paradise. In this ultra-hip ‘boro, everyone is always creating something, whether it’s delicate jewelry, sturdy oak tables, or bluegrass music. You’ll find precious parents taking their kids to the park, people playing fiddles on their porch, and musicians brunching/brainstorming for their new record. Tons of hot spots here!  

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