April 28, 2017

Chef Colby’s Sweet Potato Wraps (Healthy Cooking Series)

Chef Colby’s Sweet Potato Wraps (Healthy Cooking Series)

Chef Colby Baker has been excited about food and cooking since a very young age. She invited the Williamson Source into her kitchen to share some healthy recipes. We hope you enjoy the video on how to make an excellent sweet potato wrap for everyday or for a get together.

Chef Colby can be found online at www.chefcolby.com. Her site holds recipes, healthy tips and discusses the services she offers as a chef. You can even hire her for a personal chef class where you learn the skills of cooking like a chef. Chef Colby has partnered with a lot of local providers. Please visit her site and look under services to find out more

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  1. Jackie Jenkins

    Colby, the wraps look so good and healthy also. I will make them for my grandchildren. [Great stage presence by the way!]

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